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Leading the way in comfort.

Carpenter Co. is the world's largest producer of comfort cushioning products. We may not be well recognized, but you come in contact with our products every day. We help make your carpet cushier, your furniture cozier, and your bedding more plush. We bring comfort to your life.®

Our guiding principles of continuous improvement, innovation, customer service, and integrity are as important now as they were at our founding in 1948. Our commitment to these principles drives everything we do, every day, for every customer, and has made Carpenter Co. a worldwide leader in our industry, the industries we serve, and the products we deliver.

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Carpenter Co. Where can we lead you?

Leading the way since 1948.

When E. Rhodes Carpenter began distributing latex cushioning to furniture makers in 1948, he quickly developed a reputation for honesty and integrity. Even when his supplier abruptly abandoned him, he did not abandon his customers. Instead, he found them a better solution: cushioning made from flexible urethane foam. He brought the manufacturing process from Germany to Richmond, Virginia in 1956. By 1962 he was pouring his own foam to ensure quality.

Today, the company that bears his name is the largest maker of comfort cushioning products in the world with 19 foam producing plants, 4,700 employees, and 56 global locations. His penchant for continuous improvement led to the development of many of the standards used in the industry today. And his insistance on honesty, integrity, quality, and entrepreneurship remain our guiding principles.

Our Guiding Principles

E. Rhodes Carpenter founded our company on an overarching philosophy: "We must do the best we can to serve ourselves, but we should not forget that in the final analysis, we serve society whose approval of our actions forms the basis for the existence of our company." From his wisdom sprang the guiding principles of Carpenter Co.

  • We must work as an integrated force of people and capital to achieve mutual advancement.
  • We must provide our customers with the quality products they demand, delivered to their specifications, at costs that allow them to be competitive. Their success will determine our success.
  • We must work with a sense of urgency and an attitude of perseverance.
  • We each must strive to acquire new knowledge and abilities in order to create new opportunities.
  • We must respect each other and treat each other cordially.
  • We must make adequate profits.
  • Our workplace must be orderly, clean, and safe.
  • Excellence must be the path we seek; continuous improvement our guiding light.
  • Waste must be eliminated in all its ugly forms.
  • Value must be the product of everything we do.

The benefits of working with a leader.

Here's what to you can expect when you do business with Carpenter Co.

Quality. Our vertical integration, automation, and computer controlled operations yield the most consistent product in the marketplace.

Innovation. Custom solutions are our specialty. The engineers at the Reinhart Technical Center, our state-of-the-art R&D facility, are experts at developing products that give our customers marketable advantages.

Timely delivery. Our manufacturing plants are strategically located in 16 states, five Canadian provinces, and six European countries to meet your production schedule.

Commitment. We'll do everything we can to make you a satisfied and repeat customer. That's a promise from Carpenter Co.

Environment Stewardship

Our commitment to a sustainable environment comes from our founding philosophy: "We must do the best we can to serve ourselves, but we should not forget that in the final analysis, we serve society whose approval of our actions forms the basis for the existence of our company."

One of the ways we serve society is by continually investing in equipment and procedures that improve quality and reduce waste. Our Natural Foaming Technology process, for example, uses C02 as a blowing agent instead of ozone-depleting or cancer-causing chemicals.

We began making carpet cushion out of 100% recycled material in the 1960s. Today, we collect and reuse millions of pounds of post-consumer cushioning and industrial wastes instead of sending it to landfills.

To save energy in transportation, we use squeeze trailers and bun compressors that triple the amount of foam we ship in a single container. And, we own a significant fleet of rail cars which we use to transport raw materials to our plants, saving fuel and reducing highway congestion.

As good neighbors, we conduct regular environmental audits at each of our facilities to make sure we comply with all applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations.

We're also committed to providing a safe environment for our employees. Each location has a robust safety program implemented by a Safety Manager who reports to the Director of Safety at Carpenter Co.

Leading the way in research and development.

The Reinhart Technical Center is Carpenter Co.'s most eloquent expression of innovations and continuous improvement. From the Center's scientists, engineers, and technicians have come practically every process, product, and standard used in the polyurethane foam industry today. With over a million dollars invested in testing equipment, the Center provides critical R&D support as well as customer application support across our diverse product lines.


Carpenter Co. has 56 locations in the U.S, Canada, and Europe to better serve our customers. For the products you want deliverd when and where you need them, you can always count on Carpenter Co. Contact the office nearest you.



  • Acoustical Nonwovens
  • Bedding
  • Carpet Cushion
  • Chemicals
  • Chemical Systems
  • Consumer Products
  • Expanded Polystyrene
  • Flexible Foam Packaging
  • Furniture & Fabrication
  • Molded Manufacturing
  • Nonwovens
  • Polyester Fiber
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Tire Fill

Acoustical Nonwovens

Carpenter Co. introduces its line of prequalified acoustically-rated, high-loft nonwovens. Carpenter's unmatched quality, efficiency, and manufacturing locations make us the clear choice for all of your acoustical and thermo-formable fiber needs. From coast to coast we are there when and where you need us. We are not just a supplier; we are your partner in development.

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Carpenter Co. is the leading producer of comfort cushioning products for the bedding industry. Our innovations in comfort cushioning technology help our customers offer their customers a more restful and healthful night's sleep.

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Carpet Cushion

An industry leader for over 40 years, Carpenter Co. has offered unparalled quality, outstanding service, and innovative products. Through a process we invented over 50 years ago, every square yard of bonded carpet cushion is made from 100% recycled material and is 100% recyclable.

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Carpenter Co. began making polyol, a key component of urethane, as a way to ensure the quality of our polyurethane products. Now, we make and blend polyols for manufacturers across the globe to use in a wide variety of applications.

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Chemical Systems

Carpenter Co. formulates chemical systems that manufacturers across the globe use to ake a myriad of products — from dashboards to surfboards to board stock. Our state-of-the-art blending facilities in the U.S. and Europe consistently meet their strict quality standards as well as their demanding production schedules.

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Consumer Products

Carpenter Co. makes a wide variety of bed pillows, mattress pads, and mattress toppers that are scientifically designed to provide restorative sleep — a necessity lacking for over 75% of Americans. Our products can be found at leading retail stores and in fine hotels.

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Expanded Polystyrene

Carpenter Co. produces expanded polystyrene (EPS) products responsibly — to insulate homes, frost-proof foundations, stabilize slopes and embankments, and protect articles during shipment, but not to throw away. 99% of our EPS trim is recycled so that very little ever reaches a landfill.

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Flexible Foam Packaging

Carpenter Co. is the world's largest producer of flexible polyurethane foam. Our flexible foam products make bedding, furniture, car seats, and carpeting more comfortable, and products of every description safer for shipping. That's what makes us the worldwide leader in comfort.

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Furniture Fabrication

Carpenter Co. produces the flexible foam and polyester fiber that furniture makers use to make chairs, sofas, and loveseats more comfortable. Our cushioning products are prized for their consistent quality and for their minimal environmental impact.

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Molded Manufacturing

Whatever the design, pattern, or delivery schedule, Carpenter Co. has the products and technology to fill all molded manufacturing needs. We produce high and low density memory foams as well as high and low density HR foams in a wide range of firmnesses and densities. Carpenter Co. began pouring foam in 1956. Today we are one of the largest producers of flexible polyurethane in the world.

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Our unique position as the world's largest processor of high loft and needled polyester gives us the ability to design and test our media for performance in-house and have the results confirmed by independent laboratories. We also offer each of our customers specific expertise to create products exclusively for individual applications.

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Polyester Fiber

Richfibe® from Carpenter Co. is one of the most widely used polyester fibers in the world. From furniture you sit on to the car your drive to the clothes you wear, chances are you're comforted by Richfibe® polyester fiber every day!

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Polyurethane Foam

Carpenter Co. began pouring foam in 1956. Today we produce more flexible polyurethane foam than any other company in the world. Carpenter Co. foam is the comfort you feel when you sit in a chair, get a restful night's sleep, or walk across a luxurious carpet. The computer you are using may well have been shipped with Carpenter Co. packaging foam protection.

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Tire Fill

Carpenter Co. produces a line of tire fill products that make large construction tires flat-proof. Distributed and serviced through tire retailers, these products keep heavy equipment rolling and construction projects on schedule.

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Carpenter Timeline

The Capenter Timeline is the history of comfort cushioning.

1956 › 1948

Founded by E. Rhodes Carpenter as a distributor of Goodstuff latex products.

Began manufacture of flexible foam for the home furnishing industry.

Began first continuous foam pouring line in Richmond, Virginia.

Introduced flexible foam carpet cushioning and Richlux® reinforced urethane foam.

Began making flexible foam for automotive applications. Opened second plant in Temple, Texas.

Opened third plan in Russellville, Kentucky.

Introduced Qualux® high resiliency foam.

Opened fourth plant in Conover, North Carolina. Established Carpenter Chemical Co. to produce polyol.

Opened fifth plant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Opened sixth plant in Tupelo, Mississippi and seventh plant in Riverside, California.

Opened eight plant in Elkhart, Indiana.

Acquired three plants from Foam Industries, Inc. and entered into the expanded polystyrene market.

Opened tenth plant in Lathrop, California.

Dedicated Reinhart Technical Center.

Acquired British foam manufacturer Hyman PLC with plants in the UK and France.

Opened plant in Ichtershausen - Thöre, Germany.

Acquired two more plants, Huningue and Albias, in France. Invested $25 million in six world-class card lines for polyester fiber.

Acquired foam manufacturer Cirrus AB in Sweden and BRDR. Foltmar A/S in Denmark.

Opened eleventh North American foam plant in Lakeland, Florida.

Added seventh card line for fiber production in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania.

Added twelfth North American prime pour line in Fogelsville, Pennsylvania. Added seventh and eighth polyester fiber lines in Elkhart and Riverside.

Commissioned P-6 Polyether Polyol Unit at Roger W. Powell Plant, one of the world's largest single-site producers.

SAP corporate-wide implementation was completed.

Upgraded Conover plant to new Hennecke Novaflex foam machine.

Acquired Belgiam Foam manufacturer DUMO-NV. Completed Powell Plant DCS process control room upgrades.

Introduced Avena® high resiliency foam.

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